Male Cosmetic Surgery On The Rise

The Treatments Behind men’s Cosmetic Surgery Boom

It has recently revealed that male cosmetic surgery treatments are on the rise, with both American and UK experts announcing the trend.

Reported on social media and via news channels, this growth in male cosmetic surgery is something that’s been happening over time and is likely to continue. Mr. Ross performs a variety of cosmetic procedures which are designed to improve the aesthetics and self-confidence of male patients.
Below Mr Ross discusses some of the most popular forms of male cosmetic surgery and answers your questions.

What Procedures Are Included When You Say man’s Cosmetic Surgery?

There’s a variety of procedures which can be classed as male cosmetic surgery; these depending on what you wish to achieve but are usually regarding the appearance of the face, chest, and torso. Procedures may include anti-aging options such as facelift surgery, or body contouring procedures including male breast reduction, fat removal, and body contouring.

Who Is Suitable For These Procedures?
This is entirely subjective; a consultation would be needed in order to ascertain suitability. Each procedure offers something different, and what works for one person may not be suitable for another. Overall health and mental well-being must be considered prior to any surgery being planned, to make sure the patient is aware of the risks as well as the rewards of undergoing cosmetic surgery.

How Much Do These Treatments Cost?
This is completely down to what procedure/s a patient chooses, and how much aesthetic skill is required when performing the surgery. It also depends on the surgeon and hospital you elect to have cosmetic surgery at.

Are There Non-Surgical Alternatives?
There are some nonsurgical alternatives available for various procedures, but these often have limited effect and don’t have the same long-term benefits. In the long run, they can cost the same as surgery, with the top up treatments that are required. A perfect example of this is a nonsurgical nose reshaping procedure; it’s initially a quarter of the cost of rhinoplasty surgery but results fade after 18 months and another treatment will be required.

What Should I Do If I’m Considering Cosmetic Surgery?
Booking a consultation is the first step. Come to the consultation armed with questions and be prepared to talk about why you want to undergo your chosen male cosmetic surgery procedure.

How Do I Pick A Plastic Surgeon?

Book a consultation with a plastic surgeon who specializes in your chosen procedure. Do your research and ask to see before and after images to make sure you’re confident in the surgeon’s abilities. Trust is important, so take the time to ask questions and make sure you feel comfortable.

What Next?
If you’d like more information please contact Atul Khanna via email or phone. We can help guide you on your journey and provide expert advice. There’s also lots of helpful information including safety guidance on the treatment pages – just use the navigation bar to find the specific procedure you are interested in.